Gareth (Frank) Bale was born in Cardiff on July 16th 1989. His dad’s name is Frank (school caretaker) and his mom’s name is Debbie (operations manager). He went to Eglwys Newydd Primary School at Whitchurch. He was spoted by the Southamptom scouts right in this school at the age of 9 while playing 6v6 tournament. His nephew is a former Cardiff City player, Chris Pike. His favourite player as a kid was Manchester UTD legend Ryan Giggs.

Bale went to Whitchurch High School in Cardiff. He continued with good performances in sports, not only in football but in rugby and hockey too. At age of 14 Gareth could run 100 meter sprint in 11.4 seconds. Because of his amazing football skills, the school’s PE teacher, Gwyn Morris, had special rules for Gareth, and that was to play one-touch football and not use his preferred left foot. While at Whitchurch, Bale trained for Southampton’s academy in Bath, although they had some doubts if they should give him a scholarship because of his height.

Being only 16, he played for the school’s under-18 side and won the Cardiff & Vale Senior Cup. He graduated high school in 2005 with of course Grade A in PE. As a senior he was awarded with the PE department’s prize for services to sport. As a comment, Morris (his school’s PE teacher) said:

“Gareth has a fierce determination to succeed and has the character and qualities to achieve his personal goals. He is one of the most unselfish individuals that I have had the pleasure to help educate.”

Bale began his professional career playing for Southampton, as a left back, getting reputation as a free kick specialist. After he transfered to Tottenham Hotspur in 2007, his team gave him a more offensive role. After an initial rocky period at the Lane, he put in a string of dazzling performances both domestically and in Europe that attracted the attention of clubs across the continent. Real Madrid came calling, and he currently plays for a star studded side with the likes of Ronaldo, Benzema, Khedira, James and Kroos as his teammates.

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  1. hi gareth,i and every body love playing very very much,i love com to real madrid beacase you playing with ronaldo and ozil,…this is fun,wonderfull,perrty.

    • Hi Bale ! I have heard that you are leaving RMA .!?!?!!? please don’t leave the club!!!!!!!!!!!!! we love u to be with Ronaldo

  2. Hi bale i’m real madrid fan and i and my friends and all of real madrid fans love you more than other players and same as cristiano ronaldo !please accept our team’s offer and make one billion people happy!pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  3. hi bale…..i seriously LOVE the way you play….yes i know u miss champions league football….but please please be in SPURS…. Atleast be in spurs for one more season and then leave….and help spurs qualify for champions league…..YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD….

  4. Well, I just wanted to thank you, because a friend of mine compared your unselfishness to mine, and I wanted to see what kind of a person you are. And i just red that southampton wasn’t sure about you being a star, because of your height, and you just didn’t care and proved that they were wrong. I should do what you did, ignore the people that doubt you. Thanks and good luck at Bernabeu !

  5. I WISH YOU ALL THE BEST,IM YOUR STRONG SUPPORTER FROM KENYA…………………………………………………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Fantastic Gareth you are an Icon to every Football Fan inspiration of what it takes to be a true Professional and at the Top of your Sport , Spain and Real Madrid going to be Tough Part its about Film star status with Ronaldo and the Team as Madrid is some Party City wild as London never sleeps and lives and Breathes Football Get a PR to take care of yourselves before it gets Crazy Best of Luck the Wiz on your Side

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  10. Saw your goal tonight it was brilliant your energy and running skills were great. Congratulations on winning the Copa del Rey. You and Ronaldo are great stars. Xxx

  11. Hey gareth bale i dont know what to say to you but i really wants to say you that you are the best in the world i really like playing football but when i remember about your whole life experience which i studied i get so much inspiration. i really like ur hair style the best thing is ur game is too gooooood i dont like c.ronaldo because he play with ego which i dont like .






  12. You r awsome dude….the tricks u use and the combination with cr7 is just brillant i don’t have crapy words to express how a crazy fan i m… well and live well…

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