Injury History

Here is a list of all Gareth Bale injuries suffered by the player since 2007. Latest injury suffered first.

Type of injury, date when it was reported and club shown in the table below.

Gareth Bale Injury History

Type of InjuryDate ReportedClub
Calf Muscle Injury2015 September 15Real Madrid
Hip/Thigh Injury 2014 October 21Real Madrid
Leg Injury2014 May 6thReal Madrid
Leg Injury2014 January 27thReal Madrid
Hamstring Injury 2013 September 23rdReal Madrid
Hamstring Injury 2013 October 2ndReal Madrid
Illness2013 March 22ndTottenham Hotspur
Illness2013 March 20thTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2013 March 17thTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury 2013 July 28thTottenham Hotspur
Groin/Pelvis Injury2013 July 21stTottenham Hotspur
Knock/Small Injury2013 December 21thReal Madrid
Ankle/Foot Injury2013 April 4thTottenham Hotspur
Heel Injury2012 October 9thTottenham Hotspur
Illness2012 March 4thTottenham Hotspur
Hip/Thigh Injury2012 June 30thTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2012 July 28thTottenham Hotspur
Hip/Thigh Injury2012 January 25thTottenham Hotspur
Hamstring Injury2012 February 28thTottenham Hotspur
Hamstring Injury2012 December 1stTottenham Hotspur
Back Injury2012 August 15thTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2012 April 7thTottenham Hotspur
Sprained Ankle2011 May 9thTottenham Hotspur
Hamstring Injury2011 March 21stTottenham Hotspur
Back Injury2011 January 22ndTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2011 December 3rdTottenham Hotspur
Knee Injury2011 April 22ndTottenham Hotspur
Shoulder Injury2010 November 24thTottenham Hotspur
Knee Injury2010 March 3rdTottenham Hotspur
Hip/Thigh Injury2010 August 11thTottenham Hotspur
Cartilage Knee Injury2009 June 13thTottenham Hotspur
Knee Injury2009 June 1stTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2008 September 24thTottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2007 October 23rdTottenham Hotspur
Thigh Muscle Strain2007 July 13th Tottenham Hotspur
Ankle/Foot Injury2007 December 2ndTottenham Hotspur

Any corrections or if you spot an injury that is not in this list, please let us know through a comment below.

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